New Kodu Release (

A few new features and a bunch of bug fixes. Have fun! Read more here!


Kodu Cup 2017/2018 Slovakia

Dňa 5. júna 2018 sa v sídle spoločnosti Microsoft v Bratislave uskutočnil finálový deň, ktorý zavŕšil snahu 22 finalistov základných škôl. Do súťaže sa nám prihlásilo celkovo 281 žiakov z 18 základných škôl z celého Slovenska. Read more here!


Kodu Update!

New Kodu Version, Read more here!


New Kodu Release!

Kodu version has just been released. Lots of bug fixes. Check out the link for all the details. Read more here!


Happy Birthday Kodu

8 years ago today the first version of Kodu for the PC was released. Thank you everyone for your support and enthusiasm. Read more here!


Kodu Game ile Programlama kitabı çıktı!

Kodu Game ile dijital oyun tasarlama. Programlamaya ait temel kavramların öğretimi. Gelişmiş tekniklerle oyun örnekleri. Oyun topluluğuna katılım ve paylaşım. Read more here!

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by Justin Choi 2nd Place - Save the Kelp Forest

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