Kodu Resources

We have organized the Kodu Resources section – including training videos, sample lessons, and starter worlds. Also check out the new projects for using BBC micro:bit and Kodu! Read more here!


Kodu Cup Česko

The first Czech Kodu Cup recently finished. The finals took place on Friday 16th December 2016 in Pardubice, Czech Republic. Congratulations to the winners. The winner for the elementary school category was Vojtěch Louša and the winner for the middle school category was Barbora Brchelová. Over 20 schools from the whole country participated. Read more here!


New Sign-In

The new version of Kodu has a new sign-in process. Learn about it by clicking on the '?' on the sign-in dialog or going to the Discussion forums and reading about it. Also check out all the new features and bug fixes! Read more here!


Happy Birthday Kodu!

10 years ago today we made the first code checkin for Kodu. Now we're used by millions world wide. Thanks everyone for all your love and support! Read more here!


Imagine Cup Earth Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the third round of the Imagine Cup Earth competition! The three winning entries in the Beginner category are our featured levels this month. Read more here!


New Update to Kodu!

Bugs beware! In the latest Kodu Update, many minor bugs are fixed. Improvements were made with ATI cards, text rendering, character movement, and more! Full release notes: Read more here!

Featured Worlds

by Justin Choi 2nd Place - Save the Kelp Forest

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