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Happy Birthday Kodu

8 years ago today the first version of Kodu for the PC was released. Thank you everyone for your support and enthusiasm.

New Kodu Release (

Hi everyone, time for a new Kodu update. The focus this release is mostly on making touch input work better and just fixing lots of little (and not so little) bugs. Thank you to everyone that has reported bugs either here in the forums of via our support email KoduSupport@microsoft.com . Your help is very much appreciated.

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New Kodu Release

New Kodu Release

New Kodu Release
Kodu Has Moved


Hi, I’d like to introduce myself. I’m Stephen Coy (scoy). I’m one of the original Kodu developers and have been working on Kodu since the project was started 14 years ago in Microsoft Research. For the last several years I’ve been the only person working on Kodu full time. Recently, I left Microsoft. I didn’t want Kodu to just disappear when I left so before leaving I was able to shepherd Kodu through the process of being released as open source. Microsoft also kindly allowed me to take over the community database and web site. My plan is to continue to support Kodu for years to come. Joining me will be Chris Phillips. Chris worked with me at Microsoft and has basically done all the work on the web site and community for the last decade.