Kodu on Business World

Recently repeated - Business World by Propeller TV - Episode 6 - Technology in Education - Nicki Cooper (nee Maddams) explains why Kodu is perfect for introducing programming into the curriculum. This is a great video to use to explain to anybody , why use Kodu. Read more here!


Making Software Kids: Introducing children to the magic of IT

In December 2014, Making Waves Polska organised Making Software Kids, a half-day workshop designed to introduce children from six to nine years to the exciting world of IT. The day was a huge success. Why not organise your own? Read more here!


UK Kodu Kup Launched

We are very pleased to announce this year’s Kodu Kup UK competition is now open. Many of you will be familiar with format of what has become the world’s biggest Kodu competition. There are a few changes and a new theme. Read more here!


Kodu Maze Tutorial Available for Hour of Code!

The new Kodu Maze tutorial for the 2014 Hour of Code is now available, with videos by middle school game design teacher Caleb Gentry. Brodu is lost – help him find his way out! With each of the three lessons, the game becomes more challenging. Brodu also needs to eat and escape from his enemies. Watch the videos or download on KoduGameLab.com! Read more here!


UK Coders triumph in Europe

Kodu Kup Europe, hosted in Brussels, is part of a huge push to get children doing more coding. Alfie Finch-Critchley, aged 14, and 12-year-old team mates Joseph Banerjee and Jonathan Haley are from Uppingham Community College in the East Midlands. Their futuristic game, Confined - which was inspired by Valve's title Portal - won the 12-16 age category Read more here!


Kodu Manipulatives

David S. Touretzky of Carnegie Mellon’s Computer Science Department has made Kodu’s virtual tiles physical! His paper, “Teaching Kodu with Physical Manipulatives,” demonstrates the effectiveness of these physical tiles in teaching second-grade students introductory programming. The paper will be published in the December 2014 edition of ACM Inroads. To order your own set of physical tiles or check out David’s paper click the link. Read more here!

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