New Version!

We've got a new Kodu release that now supports Asian fonts. Korean and Japanese translations are already in the build. Click link for full feature list. Read more here!


Kodu & BBC micro:bit Feature Video

In this video, Kodu reacts to the micro:bit accelerometer & face buttons, writes to the LED display, and interfaces with the real world over I/O pins. Check it out: Read more here!


Kodu speaks micro:bit!

We've given Kodu new programming tiles that allow interaction with the BBC micro:bit. With these new tiles, you can control character movement using the accelerometer, jump and shoot with a button press, display animations and scrolling text on the screen, interface with other devices through the IO pins, and much more. Read more here!


Kodu and PC Pro Magazine

Teach your kids to code with Kodu - Article in PC Pro magazine. Read more here!


Be a Kodu School

Schools are doing some amazing things with Kodu and the new computing curriculum. We wanted to celebrate those schools that are developing their computing curriculum and involving Kodu. Today we are announcing the the Kodu School Award in the UK, to recognise and promote the use of Kodu in Schools Read more here!


Hour of Kodu for Parents

After a school day and a day work, we dedicate one hour for Coding. Students with 9/10 years and respective parents share ideas and knowledge on how to create games in Kodu. A very interesting and enriching day, for students supporting parents to plan for parents who took the first steps in code and for me as a teacher. Thanks to these innovative students Depois de um dia de aulas e de um dia de trabalho, ainda dedicamos uma hora à programação. Alunos com 9 / 10 anos e respetivos pais partilharam ideias e saberes sobre como criar jogos em Kodu. Um final de dia muito interessante e enriquecedor, para os alunos que apoiaram os pais a programar para os pais que deram os primeiros passos na programação e para mim enquanto professor. Obrigado a estes alunos inovadores! Read more here!

Featured Worlds

by Dipstick Spend some time playing this fun ice hockey game.

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