New Kodu Release (

New features and bug fixes.

Published: Mar 9, 2018 by scoy

A bunch of bug fixes since the last release:

  • Fixed a problem with a strange interaction between launching objects and resource limiting. If the new object wasn’t created due to limiting, the creating character would, instead, try and launch the nearest other object.

  • Fixed a bug with creatables. When the game was first run, even before they were created their brain would run for one cycle. That could cause unexpected side effects such as setting scores or creating other objects even though the creatable itself never entered the world.

  • Created objects now face the same direction as the object creating them. Previously their facing direction was based on the current camera view direction. Updated more in-game text to use outlines instead of drop shadows.

  • Fixed a bug in the pre-game options that would sometimes trigger the pre-game when going into edit mode.

  • Adjusted character movement via gamepad sticks. Previously the values were getting set to either fully on or off so it was difficult to move slowly. This should allow better control when using gamepads for movement.

  • Fixed glow around soccer ball when selected.

  • Fixed bug in pre-game code that caused it to fail when running a game in a language that is different than what was used when the game was created.

  • Fixed a bug with linked levels acting as if they have been editing thus requiring another save. This was being caused by the “road” object so it only affected levels with roads.

  • Fixed a bug that sometimes cause the world lighting to not get reset when the game was run.

  • Fixed a crashing bug with shooting blips. This one only showed up if you have >2000 blips flying around.

  • Fixed a bug in the code that allows you to send your kode to the printer. Previously it would always send to your default printer no matter which one you chose from the dialog. Now we pay attention to your choice.

  • Changed the label on the line-of-sight programming tile to spell out “line of sight” rather than just having “LOS”. Previously this would have been cropped off but with the new text system it just gets squashed to fit.


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New Kodu Release

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