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Tips and Tricks

Print Kode Kodu has a feature that allows you to view the game’s code written for the entire world.

Coordinates and Snap-to-Grid Kodu allows you to view the cursor’s coordinates as well as snap-to-grid terrain.

Re-Center Camera Kodu allows you to re-center the camera in edit mode when it gets “lost”.

Screenshots Kodu allows you to capture a screenshot in the kode editor with the cursor, helps overlays and remove background.

Language Kodu allows you to control which language is used.

Score Visibility Kodu allows you to control how prominent the display will be for scoring events. Score Visibility Loud Labeled allow you to name a scoreboard.

Secret Glyph Codes Kodu allows you to write world or level descriptions with pictures.

Sky Kodu allows you to create a mood for your game with Sky settings.

Lighting Kodu allows you to create a mood for your game with Lighting settings.

GUI Button Visibility Kodu allows you to add buttons to your games with optional labels.

Export Worlds Kodu allows you to save your Kodu game to your computer’s hard drive or a USB stick.

Creatables Kodu allows you to make a creatable objects which can be programmed and spawned in your game as needed.

Start Game With Kodu allows you to display the game description and/or a countdown when starting a game.

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For questions or any support issues, email KoduSupport@InfiniteInstant.com.