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Re-center Camera

Re-Center Camera

Kodu allows you to re-center the camera in edit mode when it gets “lost”. Typically this happens when manipulating the camera with the mouse and you end up with the whole world in a bubble (see image).

F4 brings the camera back to a reasonable position. Tab cycles focus through all of the characters in the world.

Camera Usage

You can navigate your game world by controlling the camera position.


(be in move camera mode)
Left-click-drag moves the camera.
Right-click-drag orbits the camera and also adjusts the pitch.
Mouse wheel zooms in and out.


(be in move camera mode)
Double-touch-drag moves the camera. Also allows orbiting.
Single-touch-drag orbits the camera and also adjusts the pitch.
Double-touch-pinch controls zoom.

GamePad Controller

Left-stick moves camera.
Right-stick controls orbit and pitch.
Shoulder buttons control zoom.

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