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Managed Test Drive

Digital Technology Computer Science


  • Download and Installation of Kodu

Learning Objectives

  • Load and play a Kodu game
  • Navigate the menus associated with characters
  • Communicate ideas for modifying game characters and actions


Student Activities

Introducing Kodu Game Lab
Introduce Kodu with Kodu Makerspace Learn to make your own games: Slide 1 and by watching the Kodu video. Students will learn about the main menu on Kodu Game Lab main menu: Slide 4.
Subjects: Design Technology, Digital Literacy, 21st Century Learning Skills

Kodu Game Exploration
Students will learn to load the Kodu World: Flashy Fishbots as described Load World main screen: Slide 5. Students will learn the Load World main screen features as described Tool Palette navigation: Flashy Fishbots: Slide 6. Students will explore and run Flashy Fishbots while recording observations with the guided questions on Kodu game exploration, which can be displayed with Flashy Fishbots Slide 7.
Subjects: Design Technology, Digital Literacy, 21st Century Learning Skills

Character Analysis
Students will brainstorm ideas for modifying the way Kodu and Fish character’s appearance, size, and position while responding to the guided questions with Let’s make changes to characters: slide 9.
Subjects: Design Technology, Digital Literacy, 21st Century Learning Skills

Character Revisions
After students have finished with brainstorming on the way to alter the character’s appearance, size, and position, display Let’s make changes to characters on Slide 9. Students will modify the appearance of objects and characters by following directions in Student Guide Activity: Flashy Fishbot Objects. Adjust the complexity of the revisions students demonstrate in this lessons to reflect the age and abilities of your students, as desired. Students will learn to Save My World and Load World as described in the Student Guide, Activity: Saving Changes. You also can display activity with Saving changes to Kodu: Slide 10.
Subjects: Computer Science, Design Technology, Digital Literacy, 21st Century Learning Skills

Performance Expectations

Students will collaborate in sharing their games in a Gallery Walk. It is suggested that students present their work in a Gallery Walk style where students walk around the classroom, observe classmate work, and make comments with post it notes. Set the Gallery Walk in the context of visiting a museum or art gallery. Museum attendees generally walk through the exhibits in an orderly fashion along a path that ensures they will see every exhibits. Establish the process for circling the room and leaving comments to the creators prior to the walk to ensure a smooth process.


Character, Citizenship, Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Project Based Learning