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Introduction to Touch Interface with Kodu

Digital Technology Computer Science


  • Download and Installation of Kodu

Learning Objectives

  • Navigate the Kodu world by using their fingers to zoom in/out, orbit, drag, and pitch the camera.
  • Choose the appropriate tool for a task by selecting to either paint terrain or place an object.
  • Traverse a hierarchy of menu options to specify the action of a tool.


Student Activities

Activator: Kodu Nursery Rhyme
Sing the Kodu nursery rhyme to the tune of Mary had a Little Lamb.
Subjects: Design Technology, Digital Literacy, 21st Century Learning Skills

Navigating Kodu’s World
Students will extend and contract their index finger repeatedly. Students will be guided through opening up Kodu Game Lab and selecting a new world. Students will move the world with drag. extend two fingers, touch the world, and move it side to side. Students will pitch the camera to change perspective. Students will place one finger on the world and move it around to see the result. Students will practice with changing the camera’s perspective from a bird’s eye view to a side- view. Students will orbit the camera and spin the world around. Students will use two fingers to orbit the camera so that the land looks like it is spinning. Students will zoom in/out. Students will practice using their thumb and index finger to make the following maneuvers: spread to zoom in and pinch to zoom out. Students will practice the actions until they are comfortable with navigating a Kodu world.
Subjects: Design Technology, Digital Literacy, 21st Century Learning Skills

Painting Terrain
Students will select the paint tool, click and slowly, drag their finger around to create more terrain. Students will practice navigating the world as they paint terrain. Students will save the world as “New World” or rename it to “My World”
Subjects: Design Technology, Digital Literacy, 21st Century Learning Skills

Performance Expectations

Students will raise their hands so that you can see them. Students will make the accompanying finger motions to perform the following camera maneuvers: Make the world bigger/smaller; Spin the world; Make the world go sideways; Move the world to the left and right.


Character, Citizenship, Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Project Based Learning