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Kode Screenshot

Pressing PrintScreen will capture an image of the screen as-is, just like anywhere else in Kodu. Pressing Shift-PrintScreen in the kode editor captures the image with the cursor, help overlays and background removed.

Screenshots are saved in

  • Documents ->SavedGames->Boku

Normally just Jpegs are saved. If you choose the "clean" option it will additionally save a Png file with transparent background which is nice for compositing in Photoshop or whatever tool you are using.

The "clean" version only works in the kode editor. In the rest of Kodu you still get the extra Png file but the images are exactly the same as pressing PrintScreen without Shift.

Print Kode

Kode Screenshot Usage

You can have the code of the character or object with the When…Do… programming constructs to submit as homework. You can display the code of the world as a project artifact. You can have the code of the world printed then use a pen/pencil to markup the code on paper to brainstorm before creating the next version of the game. You can display the code for the character or object to help articulate the ways in which you tackled the code. You can have the code printout to supplement a journal entry about a Kodu world. You can use the code printout and get into groups to act out the characters or objects behaviors. You can display the code for a character or object as a gallery walk and reflect on the different ways others approached similar situations. You can intentionally display code from a character or object with logic errors as well as the intended outcome, then others can debug the errors to perform the intended result. You can take a screens hot the code from a Kodu world with a pre-made Kodu project that does not contain user input event-handling. Then others could identify two behaviors in the code that can be initiated by left click (mouse) or space bar (keyboard). For example, a Kodu might have a jumping behavior that can be activated by pressing left click on the mouse.

World Screenshot

Pressing PrintScreen will capture an image of the screen as-is.



Print Kode

World Screenshot Usage

A screenshot is a way for an exhibition of student workStudents can introduce their games to an audience of peers, parents and other adults. You can use a world screenshot for project presentations. Your world screenshots is a great opportunity for you to display and share share the games that you worked to create. You can display their work through a gallery walk and reflect on the different ways students approached similar situations. 

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