Kodu & NASA: Mission To Mars

Designed to engage students through game development, Kodu: Mars Edition shows what it is like to explore the surface of Mars, how to program an autonomous vehicle to scan and inspect unique features in the terrain, and allows students to recreate and simulate their experiences after researching a Mars landscape.

Three Rover curriculum pieces

Kodu Game Lab was updated with the following three curriculum pieces:
Search and Explore    ·    Programming a Rover    ·    Mars Mission Simulation


Three professionally developed levels

Discovery Expedition Set the Course
Mars Rover: Discovery Mars Rover: The Expedition Mars Rover: Set the Course

Kodu Game Lab updated Kodu to highlight NASA’s mission to Mars, exploration of new terrain, and programming autonomous robots.

To create Kodu: Mars Edition, we partnered with leading educational experts in many fields, along with professionally developed game levels and features from Smoking Gun Interactive. How will you experience Mars in new ways and what will you create with these tools?