Kodu Problems... Like Always...

Armando Salazar
Armando Salazar posted this 3 weeks ago

My Kodu keeps losing its response when I try opening it and also the worlds are buggy as movement is displayed as warping back and forth and when I go to the raise, paint, and lower tools my frame rate drops to around 2 - 10 frames per second. I don't know if this is caused by background processes or just the engine for Kodu is crap. I know that something is wrong because this small program shouldn't be running so slowly with games like Rainbow Six Siege and CS:GO or Ghost Recon: Wildlands running at speeds of 60 - 70 frames per second. Please help me.


Here are some specs of my PC.


16 GB of RAM (2 8gb Anarchy-X cards)


Intel i7 core


Geforce GTX 1060 3GB Graphics Card


B150 Bazooka Plus Motherboard


Windows 10 Home Edition



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Stephen Coy
Stephen Coy posted this 3 weeks ago

Hi Armando,


The specs for your system look like it should run Kodu just fine.


First of all, which version of Kodu are you running?  Is it the one from the Windows Store or the desktop version?  If it's the oine from the Windows Store I would uninstall it and install the desktop version instead.  You can get  it here:



Next, turn on the frame rate display.  You can do this by looking in the Options Menu off of the Main Menu.  It will be the 4th option in the list.  This will display the current fps values in the lower left hand corner of the screen.


Now run Kodu.  What is  the framerate on the main menu?

Go into the Load Worlds menu and search for the built in world "Roadkill".  Run the level and check the frame rate.


Let me know what fps values you are seeing and we'll keep trying to figure out why the performance you have is so poor.