New Update (November 15, 2017 -- Build

Stephen Coy
Stephen Coy posted this 15 November 2017

We’ve been working on some longer-term changes for Kodu but in the meantime, we’ve also been fixing bugs as they’ve been reported. It looks like we’ve got enough bug fixes to justify a new release. Here is the list of changes for


• Added support for Basque. Special thanks to Javier Aranbarri Calvo, Josu Aranbarri Calvo, Anartz San Jaun Zulueta, and their teacher Sergio Martín Urquijo for doing the translation.

• Updated French translation. Thanks to Philippe Cizaire for this work. Also, thanks to his students for all the bugs they found and reported.

• Improved performance when loading and running levels.

• Fixed some issues with how testing for Health=0 works. This allows you to do 1 final pass in the kode when a character dies. For instance, WHEN Health Equals 0 DO Score Red 1Point

• The filters for detecting Me, Squashed, and Dead have been made mutually exclusive.

• Fixed bug that sometimes occurred when a moving object collided with a stationary one and somehow became embedded in it.

• Fixed several bugs related to the Inline tile including inlining not being applied properly to creatables.

• Fixed bug where editing a path’s direction or deleting path nodes was not forcing a new save.

• Fixed bug where downloaded worlds would have the Creator’s name overwritten with the current user’s name. This should only happen if the current user makes changes to the world.

• Fixed a bug in the search function of the LoadWorld menu. Typing an ‘A’ was causing the current world to be loaded rather than searching for something that starts with ‘A’.

• Fixed scoring bug where on a first run, the scores were not being displayed on screen as expected. This was caused by them not being Active. The ultimate cause was the change I made to stop loading a level twice on run. It turns out that the Active flag is set on unload. So, by resetting the level twice during load we got the flag properly cleared. The change now set the flags on run.

• Fixed a subtle scoring bug that was related to how we handle copy/paste in the programming editor.

• Fixed another scoring bug that occurred on level reset. Instead of being set back to 0 the scores were taking on their old value.

• Fixed a bug in path following that could lead to Kodu crashing.

• Fixed rendering bugs associated with paths. Sometimes the shadows would not get rendered. When adjusting a road’s height, the geometry was not always refreshed.

• Fixed a bug in how the character expressions were working. In particular, returning to Express None was being ignored. Also, programmed expressions where timing out after 5 seconds. Now they last until changed again.

• Fixed a bug in how Kodu was handling command line arguments.

• Fixed a bug where Creatables would occasionally disappear.

• Fixed a bug with the pre-game mode only working from a fresh start and not working when run from edit mode.

• Fix a bug with saving wrong state during switch to next level. Problem occurs when editing and running a level linked to another level. When the NextLevel tile is executed, we need to save any changes to the first level, but we need to restore from autosave rather than using the state that is currently in-game since actors may have been created or destroyed during run.

• Tweaked joystick values so that generic joysticks feel better.