New Update (December 6, 2016 -- Build

Stephen Coy
Stephen Coy posted this 06 December 2016



New Version Features:

  • New Sign-in system. I'll create a new post just about this.
  • Characters which are marked "immobile" can no longer be grabbed and held.
  • Changed which movement modifiers are made available in the pie menu. Previously you could program WHEN GamePad LeftStick DO Move Forward. Normally the LeftStick allows movement in all directions. Adding the Forward tile just makes the movement vague and hard to control. When using the sticks as input, we don't allow some modifiers (Forward, Wander, OnPath, North, South, East West Up and Down). These same limitations are applied when Keyboard WASD or Keyboard Arrows is chosen.
  • Reduced the life span of the lines when using the "lines of perception" option. This reduces lag and increases performance.
  • Extend PrintScreen by allowing Shift-PrintScreen. The primary reason for adding this was to make it easier to capture screenshots in the programming editor when creating lessons. When Shift is held while pressing PrintScreen it now does the following variations:
    • ToolTips are not drawn.
    • The Pencil cursor is not drawn.
    • The background is kept transparent.
    • In addition to the normal Jpeg, a PNG is also saved. This gives us transparency and no compression artifacts.
      Add local (private) variables to the programming language. Each character now has a set of private scores (a-z) as well as access to the world scores.
  • Changed the default value for scores from 0 to 1 point. This is to help beginners who program DO Score Red and expect something to happen. So programming DO Score+ Red will add 1 point to the Red score.
  • Better support for "It" in programming. Now properly supported for:
    • Move Toward
    • Move Away
    • Move Avoid
    • Turn Toward
    • Circle
    • Shoot
    • ReScale also now supports "It". Previously it only worked on "Me".
  • Shooting Missiles is no longer constrained by resource limiting (the thermometer). So now, even if you run out of resource space you can still shoot.
  • Add Squash verb and filter. Uses grab range as a limit (as does eat). Can be reversed via healing. You can program WHEN Bumped Kodu DO Squash and the Kodu will be squashed flat. Squashed characters act like Knocked out characters. Their programming doesn't run so they can't do anything. Healing them will cause them to pop back into shape and resume running. Squashed characters can only be seen by specifically looking for them. You have to program WHEN See Kodu Squashed to find the squashed Kodu. WHEN See Kodu will skip over the squashed character.
  • Changed the way text is displayed for the Help Overlays (upper left corner of screen), tile labels, and undo/redo text. We're now using outlined text instead of text with a drop shadow. This should make the text more legible.
  • F4 now re-centers the camera. Have you ever had the camera zoom way out and get lost so that you can't find your world? Now, all you need to do is press F4 to get back.
  • In the programming editor Backspace and Delete now do the same thing. Also, if either is pressed while the cursor is on a blank space, it will move the cursor back one space.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed some behaviour problems with the pie menus and touch input.
  • Fixed problems that occur when user loads New World and immediately saves it. This also affected users sharing levels that they didn't create.
  • Fixed cursor positioning problem when Arabic text was being edited.
  • Fixed the "News" display on the Main Menu so that it works better when translated to other languages.
  • Fixed a bug with some local scores where they were affecting the wrong character's score.
  • Fixed a bug in the text editor where exiting via hitting the Esc key would cause an extra space to be added to the end of the text.
  • Adjusted the hitbox locations in the programming editor making mouse input more accurate.
  • Fix the Cluster filter. Previously it didn't seem to be working at all. It's better now.