Community Spotlight: Get Inspired With NCWIT!

KoduTeam posted this 06 December 2013

Kodu is delighted to be a part of Computer Science Education Week and's “Hour of Code”!

As part of our celebrations next week, we are going to be spotlighting NCWIT Award for Aspirations in Computing recipients for 2013 with a special focus on those working with Kodu. The AspireIT Middle School Outreach Program matches award winners with participating programs to run computer outreach clubs, summer camps, and after school programs. The goal is provide a “near-peer” approach for learning and creativity in computers, and the efforts these winners have put together is nothing short of amazing.

You’ll want to check back every single day during the week of December 9-13 to get inspired with us and find out how these women got started in programming. You’ll learn straight from their words why – and how they use Kodu. They have also provided an abundance of helpful advice for folks wanting to start programs in their area.

Here’s our calendar of events. See you next week!

Monday, December 9

  • Game Programming Using Microsoft Kodu - Jordan, Pooja
  • Making a Difference Girls Technology and Social Change - Aimee

Tuesday, December 10

  • Digital Girls - Laura, Ashika
  • IT Girls - Emily, Janeth, Daja

Wednesday, December 11

  • Techie Girls - Crystal
  • FIONA - Ama, Ashmi, Harrine

Thursday, December 12

  • Girls & Tech - Ivanna
  • IT is for Girls - Naomi, Ruhani, Annie

Friday, December 13

  • Gems - Kate

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Mehmet Keçeci
Mehmet Keçeci posted this 18 April 2017

The Kodu will make important changes in children's learning understanding of play. Mehmet Ke├žeci, Educator & Master Science in Physics